Our Director of Music

The London Nordic Choir is the brainchild of our Artistic Director and Conductor, Carina Einarson.

Carina has been the organist and choir master of Adelsö-Munsö parish in Stockholm since 1996, and has taught choir conducting and choral singing at the Bethel High School since 1985. In August 2011 she took a leave of absence from these positions to assume the role of Director of Music at the Swedish Church in London, a post she held until July 2016.

Under Carina’s leadership, the choir at the Swedish Church excelled to new heights, and the annual Lucia (Christmas-time) Services that she directed were deemed so outstanding as to warrant an invitation from the Director of Music at St Paul’s Cathedral for Carina and her choir to stand in for the Cathedral Choir at Evensong on an annual basis.

Carina’s enthusiasm, passion for music and singing, positive approach to leading a choir, and her ability to get each and every one of her choristers to grow and develop their voice under her leadership, has earned her a group of loyal choristers who have followed her from the Church Choir to this new endeavour.

During her formative academic years, Carina studied several aspects of music, including the piano, song, harmony, the organ, and conducting. Upon graduation, her first post was as Choir Master of Olaus Petri Church in Örebro. She holds an MFA in Music Education and Choral Teaching from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, where she studied with, among others, Eric Ericson (choir and choral conducting), Anders Öhrwall (baroque choir), Gustaf Sjöqvist and Anders Eby (choir conducting).

Carina’s interest in Anglican music, plainsong, and chant has taken her to Cambridge University, where she has attended several courses in choir directing. She has taught aspiring Swedish church musicians choral singing and conducting, and has been instrumental in developing the music faculty at Bethel High School, which acts a preparatory school for further studies at Stockholm’s Royal Academy of Music. She frequently works as a guest choral advisor, when choirs require assistance with tone, repertoire, and inspiration.

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